TNMplot: differential gene expression analysis in Tumor, Normal and Metastatic tissues

The pan-cancer analysis page displays the expression range for a selected gene across all tissues in all available normal and tumor RNA Seq data.

Siginificant differences by Mann-Whitney U test are marked with red*
In case of low expression values we suggest to directly compare tumor to normal

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Database setup:
TNMplot includes 56,938 unique multilevel quality controlled samples:
Genechip from GEO: 3,691 normal, 29,376 tumor and 453 metastasis
RNA-seq from GTex: 11,215 normal
RNA-seq from TCGA: 730 normal, 9,886 tumor and 394 metastasis
RNA-seq from TARGET: 12 normal, 1,180 tumor and 1 metastasis
Gene overview:
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A. Bartha, B. Gyorffy, A Web Tool for the Comparison of Gene Expression in Normal, Tumor and Metastatic Tissues Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22(5), 2622;
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